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Phenomenal Track

by on Nov.16, 2012, under Posts

Good for walking, running, driving…anything

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Driving Under the Twilight

by on Nov.09, 2012, under featured, Posts

Twilight It has been 3 days since the end of Daylight Saving Time and no matter what, year after year, day after day, the shock of the sun suddenly setting into an early 5pm slumber is overwhelmingly staggering. In essence, I feel like it is the final beckoning for a cold, shivering winter that is slowly but surely creeping in. As I make my tedious, mind-numbing commute back to what seems like the one warm and welcoming place on this earth (home) I am constantly reminded of winter’s dawning. The naked trees look like thin bones grasping the pale orange skyline in what seems like a final attempt to embrace the last bit of warmth from the now ever so distant sun. People on the stone cold streets seem to be blanketed in endless layers, clenching their “life-saving” coffee or their “soul-warming” tea and praying for the bus to come sooner. For me, times like these make me feel very small, insignificant to the cosmos like a tiny droplet in a vast freezing cold river. Suddenly and very appropriately my Ipod turns to a song titled “Everything After” by Deadmau5 and now the mood amplified by the unyielding power of music really kicks in: Emotions and memories rage through my head as the beat pounds away with a repetitively melodic flow. I smile as I think of the warm summer memories, it warms my numb heart and and immense craving for those hot, care-free, summer days replaces the winter spell: Nostalgia one of the most prevalent and powerful human emotions seems to have me in a longing euphoria, chasing summer:

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Late Night Dream

by on Nov.07, 2012, under Posts

This will bring peace to your thoughts…

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by on Nov.05, 2012, under Posts

When I was a kid this was one of my favorite movies. I loved this scene but when I re-watch it now I can’t help but think how psychedelic it is; Dumbo wasn’t drunk he was trippn like crazy…

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This Beat is Just….

by on Nov.02, 2012, under Posts

I don’t know what it is about this song but the drop is just soooo, lets just say…addicting!

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