Who is…..Skrillex!?

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skrillexSome say that he is the best dub-step artist there is and other say that he is the most mainstream, overplayed, and over glorified thing that has ever happend to the genere…all I have to say is…he has some sick ass remixes!!

His real name is Sunny Moore, and wasn’t always the dubstep legend (some say)  that he is now.  Back in the darker days, Moore didn’t spin any records, he didn’t remix any songs, instead he was a member of the band “From First to Last” and yes you might have guessed it…it’s one of those hardcore emo bands.

Im not saying I have anything against the music and obviously you can tell where Skrillex gets his influence, but damn he used to make some pretty heavy shit…

“Ride the Wings of Pestilence” one of Sunny Moore’s (he is the lead singer) first singles for the band:

Anyways the past is the past and I think that’s enough about Moore’s roots, sooo lets move onto the good stuff: Moore’s current career as Skrillex!

Moore started his solo career in 2007 via Myspace, he debuted his first album in 2008 titled “My Name is Skrillex” as a free download on Myspace. The album didn’t become a hit right away but in 2010 Moore began his first nationwide tour with Deadmau5 and he never looked back… for now ;)

Moore’s first popular song as Skrillex was “WEEKENDS!!” on “My Name is Skrillex”:

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