David Guetta’s New Album: Nothing But the Beat

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Nothing But the BeatSooooo…David Guetta’s new album came out today and I got to say that I don’t really even know what to say. I guess I’m not the biggest fan of David Guetta’s “new work”, it seems like it’s too mainstream, not as passionate and unique like his old legendary hits and although his work has always had repetitive phrases and beats, its seems that they got kinda…stupider and redundant. Either way, like in every album he has some really good work and some not so good work.

Let’s outline some highlights:

The main single of this album is “Where them Girls At” which has been already out for a while and has been so overplayed that calling it the main single is kind of boring. It was a good song when it came out, but I personally have gotten sick of it already:

Aight, so who gives a crap about the old and overplayed, time for some good shit. The best “vocal” song on this album is no doubt David Guetta’s remix of “Sweat” by Snoop Dogg. It’s a song that you want to hear at a club when your dancing with that special lady/guy friend, a song that sounds good when you blast it in the car with your windows down at night. You don’t hear that much Snoop Dogg in electro songs, but when you do, it pretty damn amazing…

Ok, now for the pure electro beat, we have some fairly OK stuff hear, nothing mind blowing, but still entertaining for a week of constantly replaying the same song on your ipod. “Sunshine” by David Guetta and Avicii is what I’m gonna have to go with:

All in all I would give this album a solid “B-”…David Guetta claims that it’s his best work yet but for me it’s nothing compared to his earlier work. Don’t get me wrong, it has some really good stuff, but a majority of mediocre doesn’t help. “Nothing But the Beat”, really is nothing but the beat

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